The Balanced, Beautiful and Abundant Show- Rebecca Whitman

How to do Network Marketing the Ivy League Way with Amy Powers!

December 11, 2022 Rebecca Whitman Episode 128
The Balanced, Beautiful and Abundant Show- Rebecca Whitman
How to do Network Marketing the Ivy League Way with Amy Powers!
Show Notes

Amy Powers is a Harvard-trained lawyer, Columbia University MBA, best-selling author, Emmy-nominated songwriter, theater and film producer, online business owner, coach, and connector.

After discovering that working as an attorney at a major New York firm fed her bank account but starved her soul, she ditched the “grind to 5” and began writing lyrics, finding multi-platinum success with artists from Barbie to Barbra Streisand.

However, freelance life brought its own challenges- unpredictable income, uncontrollable marketplace changes, and too few hours to spend with her husband and sons. She yearned to increase her revenue, decrease her stress, and have more flexibility. That’s when she discovered Network Marketing, through a company that aligned with her core values of healthy living inside and out. Initially skeptical, she soon saw the power of this business model and seized the opportunity to create more money, more impact, and more freedom to live life on her own terms.

After following her company’s blueprint to create an extra six-figure revenue stream and seven-figure asset, and reaching the top level of its compensation plan, Amy felt called to reach a wider audience, and assist others looking for solutions. Her book NO DEGREE REQUIRED: Network Marketing The Ivy League Way is a #1 Amazon best seller.

In addition to her network marketing business, she and her husband J. Todd Harris are co-producers of both theater (including HEATHERS, THE MUSICAL;  PHENOMENAL WOMAN - THE MAYA ANGELOU STORY, and the Broadway-bound SOUL TRAIN: THE MUSICAL) and the upcoming film version of ON FIRE, the acclaimed autobiography of world-renowned inspirational speaker John O'Leary.

Her newest venture, AmySentMe, is a health and happiness concierge service, helping people uplevel their lives and businesses with hand-picked, pre-vetted services from psychic mediums to sober coaches, book-writing to boudoir photography, and health reboots to healing retreats.

Amy believes in manifesting one’s own destiny by leveraging the power of authenticity and passion. She aims to inspire others to join her in living their healthiest, happiest, most abundant lives.

We discussed:

  • What inspired her to achieve so much
  • What her initial impression on the Network Marketing Industry
  • Why it has a stigma
  • What about the business model made total sense to her
  • Why it is valuable to follow a company blueprint
  • Why an additional income stream is important esp. in this challenging times
  • How network marketing helped her leadership grow

How to Be Balanced, Beautiful and Abundant?
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